D5.3 Contributions to Sendai, Policy, and Standardization

This deliverable describes the work that ENGAGE has carried out in relation to policy, which has involved the drafting of two policy papers synthesized from ENGAGE research and results, as well as the development of a white paper which outlines the work of ENGAGE and how the project’s outputs contribute individually and collectively to enhancing the overall resilience of societies.   

This deliverable then outlines the approach and methodology that was employed in the development of these policy outputs- which have included a review of ENGAGE deliverables, consultations with project partners, requests for feedback from external stakeholders, and subsequent revisions of the content of the policy papers. The approach that was taken when drafting this deliverable- which has included an analysis of the priorities of the Sendai Framework and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to the mid-term reporting of progress towards the Sendai Framework priorities, will also be described in detail.  

An overview of the content of each of the policy papers and the white paper- which will include recommendations as well as policy implications for the former and a presentation of the overall structure of the latter- will be provided. This deliverable will also outline all the activities that have been carried out to increase the visibility of these outputs and/or garner feedback on them- including presentations at conferences, social media campaigns, and policy roundtables. This deliverable will also identify relevant standardization instruments that ENGAGE could contribute to, and the activities that have been carried out as a part of this work.  

Finally, this deliverable culminates in conclusions that have been derived from the policy work, which include an identification of potential directions both in the field of policy as well as in research.