The ENGAGE consortium brings together the expertise of 14 partners across 8 European countries (Belgium, France, Israel, Italy, Norway, Romania, Spain, and Sweden).

The partners range from research foundations/centres (Stiftelsen SINTEF, Katastrofmedicinskt Centrum, NTNU Social Research Ltd.) to universities (University of Navarra -TECNUN, Tel Aviv University, École Normale Supérieure), from companies (Deep Blue Srl, Everbridge Norway) to NGOs (European Emergency Number Association, Cittadinanzattiva, Trondheim Red Cross) and national or regional agencies (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Department for Emergency Situations, Gobierno Vasco, ERTZAINTZA, Departamento de Seguridad Gobierno Vasco, Local Health Authority- ASL ROMA 1). 

The consortium is complemented by a Knowledge and Innovation Community of Practice initially composed of 37 organisations including 14 agencies and authorities, 10 first responders, 7 NGOs, 3 primary and secondary schools, a Japanese organisation and 3 citizen representatives organisations.  

The ENGAGE consortium has a range of experienced professionals in the areas of disaster management, risk awareness and risk communication, with a great knowledge of building a resilient society. Carefully selected, this team includes representatives from authorities, first responders, citizens associations, NGO´s, SMEs, industries, schools, and academia. 


Author: Marta Azevedo Silva (EENA)