First in-person KI-CoP Workshop

26th of April 2022, Marseille, France.

The Engage project was kicked off in July 2020. Since then, all activities with the Community of Practitioners (KI-CoP) were carried out remotely due to the global health emergency. Nevertheless, those circumstances have never affected our passion for research or desire to innovate within the project. We managed to give online workshops and webinars and advance our research with our community members, but still, the situation challenged all interactions.

Now that the sanitary situation has improved, the ENGAGE Consortium held its first in-person meeting with the KI-CoP members at the Novotel Marseille Centre Prado Vélodrome in Marseille.

19 KI-CoP members from 14 countries met for an interactive exercise, a landslide scenario. This event was a fruitful networking opportunity that also allowed our advisory board to validate and identify solutions to address how to handle spontaneous volunteers in emergencies.

In addition, participants had the chance to have a first glance at our Knowledge Platform that will be launched soon. Stay tuned!


Summary of the event:

  • Current project status;
  • Group exercises to solve aspects of a landslide scenario, focusing on how to mobilise, organise or communicate with the civil society;
  • Tools and strategies to improve the interaction between first responders/authorities and the public;
  • Interactive prototype of our Knowledge Platform;
  • Exchange of best practices from your colleagues all over Europe.

For any follow-up on this event, please contact: